Gelish – Voted #1 Gel polish

Performs like gel, applies like polish.

Gelish is an innovative soak-off gel polish that gives you beautiful long lasting manicured nails for up to 3 weeks on fingers, and up to six weeks on toes! It is applied like a polish but is cured under the manufacturer’s LED lamp in just 45 seconds per coat – no more waiting for 20 minutes for your polish to dry only to find it then chips within a day.

Your nails will not only look beautiful, but will feel stronger too, and be less susceptible to breakage. This system can be used to help people with short nails, to get the length that they desire, without the need for extensions!

This gel polish is safely soaked off in 15 minutes, causing no damage to the natural nail.

Gelish treatments include, File, shape and cuticle work, followed by the colour of your choice, or French. Followed by cuticle oil, to keep those newly manicured cuticles in great shape!

If you want a real treat I also offer a deluxe Gelish manicure, After the polish is applied I’ll treat your hands to a scrub, soak and massage using the gorgeous CND Almond Spa Manicure system.


Add £1 per nail for nail art, glitters, stamping or £5 for all ten fingers



Gelish “Need a tan” with leopard accent

Nautical nails!

Gelish – Nautical nails!


Fun Gelish nails


Gelish Summer Nails!

Gelish Summer Nails!