Welcome to ‘Lucifer Lashes’, the best-kept beauty secret, held by Celebrities and their make up artists worldwide.

The glamorous looks Lucifer Lashes can create, from Hollywood screen goddesses to pop stars, defines the concept of the 20th century and is copied by women all over the world.

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Lucifer Lashes  Q&A’s

What are Lucifer Lashes made of?

Lucifer Lashes are made of a synthetic material which is very soft and naturally curved.

What sizes do Lucifer Lashes come in?

Lucifer Lashes are available in 10 different lengths between 6-15mm, 4 different thicknesses and 6 different colours.

Are they comfortable?

Not only is there no discomfort during the procedure, our lashes are virtually weightless and extremely comfortable to wear.

Do they cause the natural lash to fall out?


Are they safe to apply?

Yes, Lucifer Lashes are applied with a medical grade adhesive bonds the lash extension to the natural lash.

Our Ultra Glue and Sensitive Glue are much more advanced compared to any other lash adhesive product on the market.

Exclusively developed for Lucifer Lashes, they set incredibly fast, have virtually no odour and have a longer-lasting bond. As well as being allergy-friendly, heat and humidity resistant, it is also safe enough for sensitive eyes and so low in vapour it can be applied to open eyelids.

How long do Lucifer Lashes last?

Providing the lashes are looked after in accordance with the aftercare instructions, the lashes last for the whole cycle of your natural lash. These can be worn permanently with 3 weekly infills.

How long do Lucifer Lashes take to apply?

A full set of Lucifer Lashes take between 2 – 2½ hours. Infills are usually 1 hour, so it pays to look after them as you will only have to have a full set once!

Are they water resistant?

Yes, you will be able to swim, bathe and shower without worry from the 3rd day after application. It is advisable however to avoid water coming into contact with the lashes for 24 hours following the treatment.

Our Ultra Glue and Sensitive adhesive is a medical grade adhesive which is made in England and completely free of formaldehyde and totally irritant free.