3 Skincare products you need to be using in your 30’s

If there’s one thing I would go back and tell my younger self it would be, “Look after your skin, woman!”

Throughout my teenage years my skincare routine was pretty much non existant. Quick wipe over with a baby wipe, on a good day, or falling into bed with a face full of makeup on a bad day. Which ended up being every time I went out – OK so pretty much every day then!

*hangs head in shame.

It makes me cringe now, and my skin also shows it, or at least it did, until recently.

Poor skincare routine left me with pigmentation, scarring from spots and large pores. Dull skin and then when the mid 30’s happened, wrinkles too 😭

I became a beauty therapist in my early 30s so started looking after my skin a bit more then, and loved having treatments such as the Million Dollar Facial and Dermaplaning, but time is something that I always seem to be short of due to running two successful businesses, and having my daughters at home, so really I need a quick and simple skincare routine.

These 3 things have been a little piece of heaven for me, and fixed my dodgy skin in the process.

1 The Ordinary Squalane cleanser

2 The Ordinary Niacinamide

These two products I definitely recommend, they gave my skin a more supple feel and balanced my combination skin.

However, the biggest change in appearance was when I added this high quality Vitamin C Serum to my skincare routine.

It reduced my pigmentation, acne scarring and really helped to give my dull skin a glow, without any sticky or greasy feeling

I have this on autoship now and I don’t ever want to be without it.

You can order it here from wherever in the world you are.

Or if you prefer to work in £’s I’ve also added it to my shop. I’ll take payment and process your order for you and you’ll receive it through your door within 14 working days

I can honestly say that in my 37 years I’ve never found a serum that I love as much as this one!