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    Why would you want Permanent Make-up?

    Permanent make-up – So whats it going to do for me? So right now everybody seems to be doing it. A few years ago only the very rich and very brave seemed to be getting their make-up done using the longer lasting tattoo method. Now it seems every woman (and some men) that you ever come into contact with have had some form of SPMU (Semi-permanent make-up) but why? whats so good about it and why would you want to let someone do it? Time! For a start, women are busier now than they have ever been before, we are juggling careers, babies, the house and our friends and relationships…

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    Looking after your face

    You wouldn’t just paint over cracks, lumps and bumps in your house and think that they are going to disappear would you? In fact, that will probably do nothing other than make them look a whole lot worse! So why do we do it to our faces? Our face is what people see every day, what we see when we look in the mirror and if it isnt looked after – it shows! If we don’t like our skin, we generally do not feel confident, it has a MASSIVE effect on how we feel inside and our wellbeing. I know, I know, its not all about how you look but…

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    My lip tattoo!

    As all my regular clients will know, I’ve been talking about doing my lips for ages! What put me off you might ask, well I’ll tell you. Firstly I was worried about pain – after all, lips are just nerve endings  right? Secondly, there never seemed to be ‘the right time’ to have really scabby lips and lastly, I was sort of worried about doing my own in case I bottled it half way through! One day I woke up and decided today I was going to grow a pair and just get on with it! So I popped on some numbing cream (left on for 30 minutes is best)…

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