Individual Eyelash Extensions

Individual Eyelash Extensions

I offer Semi-permanent individual Eyelash extensions. One extension is applied to one individual lash. This allows the lashes to be kept on on a long term basis, rather than clusters which are meant for short term use only. This eliminates any damage to the natural lash.

As normal Mascara cannot be worn with extensions, I can supply an amazing Mascara, that has been specially formulated for use with extensions, for that extra oomph! Click here to view the product!

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Benefits of Eyelash Extensions

  • Lengthens and extends the eyelashes
  • Darkens and thickens the eyelashes
  • Frames the eyes
  • Opens the eye area
  • No need for mascara
  • Waterproof and durable
  • Clients have a choice between a natural or glamorous look


Why choose semi-permanent eyelash extensions?

Transform your eyelashes to be fuller, longer and curvier for a sensational look. Waterproof and durable, your new look will last you for weeks – with no need for mascara!

Choose from the ‘natural look’ to leave others guessing or go for the ‘glam look’ that will definitely get you noticed!

What are individual eyelash extensions?

Individual eyelash extensions are semi-permanent eyelash extensions comprised of single strands of synthetic eyelashes, available in different lengths, thickness, curvatures and colours – tailored to the individual look you seek.

How long will the eyelash extensions last?

Everyones natural growth cycle is approximately 90 days, I will attach to your mid cycle lashes, thereby giving you at least 3 weeks of maintenance free eyelash extensions. After this period, your natural lashes begin a new growth cycle, However don’t fret! Your look can be maintained with regular infill treatments which take approximately 45 minutes to an hour.

How do I care for my Eyelash extensions?

Ask me for an aftercare guide, and aftercare products such as the black coating sealant that you can apply every three days instead of Mascara. I can also supply a Mascara that is specially formulated for use with eyelash extensions (Normal mascara is not recommended as it can weaken the glue bond)

How are individual eyelash extensions applied?

Individual eyelash extensions are applied one by one to your individual natural lashes. Your eyes have to be closed throughout the treatment (90 minutes to 2 hours) and you will be lying down comfortably throughout.

Why do I need to do a patch test?

A patch test is carried out to determine if you are on of the (very) small number of clients who have a sensitivity to the adhesives used. Two eyelashes will be attached to the outer corner of each eye 48 hours prior to applying the full set.

How can I prepare for treatment?

Make sure your eyelashes and eyelids are free from any make up residue and oils prior to treatment. If you wear contact lenses please remove these prior to treatment and wear your glasses for 24 hours


 £55 – Full set

Infills £25 (within 2 weeks)

infills from £30 (within 3 weeks)