Hi-Brow / Brow Henna


“Hi Brow is the new beauty salon service and products exclusively for eyebrows. A unique eyebrow salon service suitable for every client whatever their age, face shape or image. “

I trained with a non branded High Definition Eyebrows trainer so that I could choose any brand. I have decided to go with Hi-brow as I love the range of make up products that I could offer to my clients to use at home.

After an initial consultation to discuss the shape that you wish to achieve, and one that will suit your face shape, the eyebrows will be tinted, waxed, tweezed and threaded to help to get the look that you desire.

Depending on your eyebrows when you come to the Hi-brow appointment, you may get the shape and look you wish to have after the first treatment, however It may take more than one if your brows are sparse or gappy and need to grow,  If there are any areas that need to grow more to create the shape then blending powders will be used to help to fill any gaps whilst waiting for the hair to grow. The Hi-brow powders are available to purchase for home use to enable you to recreate the look in between appointments. Brow Henna will enable those with less hair to acheive a better shape, than using normal brow tints

Patch testing is required at least 48 hours before treatment


Why not add LVL lashes for that extra WOW factor



£25 including eyelash tint
£35 if using Brow henna