Miracle Mask – 5 point facelift

Miracle Mask is a 5 point, non-surgical facelift.
The Miracle Mask encourages surface pressure to increase blood flow to the skin surface and into the dermal tissue. It delivers oxygen to enhance cell renewal and rejuvenation

Not only does this 5 point system lift and tighten the skin it also helps to detoxify cells and increase micro-circulation.

The Miracle mask uses peptides and anti-oxidants to give the instant WOW factor. It stimulates collagen and elastin so its one heck of a facelift! You will see instant benefits with glowing results

This treatment can be a standalone treatment or combined with dermaplaning which will give you the ultimate glow! It can also be used on the neck.

Check out this Video to see the Miracle Mask action! This is a 40 minute treatment but it does absolute wonders in such a short time.

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