Ombre Brows / Powder Brows in Andover

Ombre and powder Brows are taking over Microblading as the most requested service and there is a reason for that!

I have a download available that will help you choose which Permanent Eyebrow Service is right for you and will talk about the ins and outs of microblading vs ombre or powder but for now let’s just discuss ombre Brows and what the difference is between those and powder Brows.

They are effectively the same, the main difference being that ombre brows are lighter at the front and tops and get darker towards the tail, or the end of the brow. Powder Brows are the same depth and darkness throughout.

This style of brow is best for those who like the make up look, more filled in rather than subtle hairstrokes. If you are used to pencilling or powdering in your brows then you’ll be disappointed with the healed results from a hairstroke brow as it just won’t feel “enough” for you.

Here are some recent examples of Ombre and Powder

Ombre and powder brows cost £325, you pay a deposit at the time of booking and the rest can be paid on the day of your visit.

To prepare for your appointment

  • Please stop using any products containing retinol one week before.
  • Avoid getting sunburnt
  • come to your appointment make up free (Although if you can’t leave the house without your favourite mascara, that’s fine. Please just avoid heavy foundation)

After your appointment

You’ll need to avoid soaking your brows in water for 5-7 days. No swimming or extreme exercise (we basically don’t want to get sweaty) and you’ll have to avoid touching your beautiful new ombre brows or putting makeup on them.

The Initial colour is surface colour, this will start to flake off after around a week and the flaking will last for a few days. Once the surface colour has flaked off it will probably look as though there is no colour underneath – this is normal. The colour will stabilise in the skin and start to appear over the next 4 weeks whilst healing.

How long will my permanent Make-up last?

I recommend a top up by the time they are 18 months old. The Permanent Make-up inks are made up of Red + Yellow + Blue to make brown. Over time the red and yellow fade as they are lightest, which leaves blue. So if you have already had permanent Make-up done and it’s looking grey or blue, it simply means that it’s time for a top up to refresh your colour.