Permanent Cosmetics – Andover

Microblading and Permanent cosmetics in Andover

In the Permanent Cosmetics world Microblading is a real buzz word, but did you know that Microblading actually slices the skin. Having this done repeatedly can cause scarring to form and also tends to heal quite grey / ashy toned.

I’m trained in this method but I firmly believe that digital semi-permanent makeup is still the best method so this is where I put all of my focus

Digital semi-permanent make up.

This is done in a similar way to a body tattoo, but without using permanent inks and it also doesnt go as deep  into the skin. Machine is my preferred method for all semi-permanant make-up procedures as it causes FAR less trauma to the skin. Think of a body tattoo – you wouldn’t see body tattoo artists using a hand tool to slice the skin and then rub ink into it, so why would you want someone to do that to your face?

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My favourite type of brow is an Ombre or Powder Brow. I also offer Semi-permanent lips, and eyeliner – Wake up with a full face on! 🙂

I am fully qualified to a VTCT Level 4 standard in Micropigmentation, I am registered with the ARA (Association of Registered Aestheticians) and I use ActFast – This is the only legal and safe way to use anaesthetics in SPMU procedures.

I am trained in Anaphylaxis and CPR so you can rest assured you are safe with me. I was the first person in Andover to train in this treatment so have years of experience and lots of happy clients.

Pregnant or nursing women, anyone with a pacemaker, or anyone on accutane or blood thinning medications are not suitable for this treatment.

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