Aluminium Free Natural Deodorant


Isn’t B.O. just the pits?

We are SO excited about our newest collaboration with Freedom Deodorant!

Good Housekeeping voted this product #1! Clinically proven to keep you smelling great for 24 hours, your armpits will never take a day off!

Your favorite 100% natural deodorant uses an eco-friendly paper tube to make your experience more safe and elegant than ever. Help protect Mother Earth while you protect your pits!

Key Benefits:

Proudly Supports Breast Cancer Research
EWG Certified
Made in the USA
Fresh scent made with only clean essential oils.
Formulated at a pH level that kills odor-causing bacteria.
FREE OF Aluminum Phthalates and Toxic Chemicals.
Made with clean ingredients; you can literally eat it. (Please don’t!)
Moisturizing properties added so you don’t have dry, itchy pits.
Made with natural ingredients that is safer for your skin and better for your health!