Europa Joe Coffee – 12 day experience



Its no secret that losing weight is not an easy task, that’s why millions of people struggle with it every day.
We want to make it a little easier that’s why we created Prevail Tropical Blast.
Formulated with natural appetite suppressants and ingredients to help detoxify your body.
Prevail Tropical blast is a great addition to any weight management programme.

As if helping to manage weight in a healthy way wasn’t enough, Just wait until you taste this delicious drink. You will LOVE it

Naturally based ingredients to suppress appetite and cravings
Increased energy, mood and focus
Supports immune system functionality
Has a positive effect on metabolism
All natural with NO laxative effect

100mg Caffeine
Vitamin B6
Natural Colouring

Once a day mix with a dash of cold water or a milk alternative before adding hot water and stir. Take 30 minutes before breakfast or lunch for best results. Avoid adding dairy for best results. Drink Daily for six days, then have a day off before starting again.

To order a month supply of this product if you are outside of the UK please use the link and hit the three red lines at the top of my page to order yours