Here are some reviews from a few of my clients about my products and service! More reviews can be seen on my Facebook page


“This spray tan is amazing. I’m very fair skinned but everyone said I looked sunkissed and asked if I had been on holiday! It’s not orange or patchy and it lasts for days, even if you forget to moisturise like I did 🙂 “

“Had my LVL lashes done last week and WOW! They’re amazing. I am so chuffed with the results and keep having a sneaky peek in the mirror to admire them! Thanks so much Gemma xx”

“Just wanted to say Gemma, having had my lashes done yesterday, they are AMAZING! I really love them, what a difference. I am usually the last to look at myself in the mirror but I keep stopping to have a sneaky peek! Thank you again! x” P Moffitt

“WOW! A 13 inch loss tonight – amazing! Thank you Gemma for making me feel so comfortable. Can highly recommend and will definitely be back for more!! Xx” L Stock 

“Very pleased with my tan it looks lovely! And Gemma is a lovely women very welcoming!Defiantly would come back to her more often! Thankyou again Gemma!! :)”

“Can not recommend highly enough, professional friendly service and 17 inch loss. I will be back! Thank you :)” S Duffield

 “I had a lovely hour relaxing on a warm bed.. Your faith lift has given me faith i was amazed at the difference in just one session you can book me in for loads xxxxxxx feeling relaxed” D Brookes

“Great results, great service! Highly recommend!!!!!!!” E Stones, Andover  

“Omg I can’t believe I can lie on a warm bed relaxing in shrinking violet wrap and lose 7 inches I’m definitely booking a full course. Thanks to Gemma my little black dress will be on for Christmas” D Brookes

“Thank you so much for my eyelashes!! I have been complimented a lot on how natural they look and after 2 weeks they still look amazing!!  best eyelash extensions I have ever had!! Thanks again Gem xx” R Lee

“Gemma gives you such a friendly and chatty service while being very professional. Makes you feel really comfortable. Even when having my Violet Shrink Wrap standing in front of her in my undies She got me totally relax. And to see a whooping 10.5 inches difference between my prewrapp and post wrap measurements was incredible. Not to mention how soft and supple the skin feels after” S Martinez Otero

“I really didn’t know what to expect or even if I actually believed that it worked!!! BUT I now know it does really work as I had a fab loss of 8 inches. One happy customer thank you x :-)” K Marchment