Skin Treatments Andover

Skin Treatments

Which skin treatments are right for you?

Skin care and treatments are one of my favourite things to do. I offer a range of clinically proven, results driven facials at my salon in Andover.

As a Million Dollar Facial, Elite Platinum technician I can:

  • Analyse your skin
  • Prescribe the correct products that you should be using at home
  • Choose the correct bootcamp or course of treatments for your desired result
  • Help you to find causes of your skin complaints and ways to fix it

We can work together give you the skin you desire.

Whether you suffer from Acne, Pigmentation, Scarring or are just showing signs of ageing and want to avoid botox and fillers, I have a course of treatments or a bootcamp to help you.

I have a wide range of treatments such as Skin peels, Million Dollar facial Million Dollar Mesotherapy, Microneedling and more.

These aren’t fluffy facials with plinky plonk music and aromatherapy. They feel good, but do little to improve your skin. These are high impact, results driven skin treatments that will help you transform your skin.

The skin treatment is only part of the process. To make lasting changes you need to commit to looking after your skin at home, between treatments.

I trained to be a Medi + product prescriber so I can tailor absolutely everything to your individual needs.

Please see the drop down menu above for information on each of my treatments.

You can also visit my shop to check out the skin care range that I prescribe to my clients, however I’d advise booking a Medi + assessment and analysis first, so I can make sure that you’re choosing the best product for you. The last thing you want to do is waste money on yet another skin care product that isn’t right for you!