Why would you want Permanent Make-up?

Permanent make-up – So whats it going to do for me?

So right now everybody seems to be doing it. A few years ago only the very rich and very brave seemed to be getting their make-up done using the longer lasting tattoo method. Now it seems every woman (and some men) that you ever come into contact with have had some form of SPMU (Semi-permanent make-up) but why? whats so good about it and why would you want to let someone do it?

Time! For a start, women are busier now than they have ever been before, we are juggling careers, babies, the house and our friends and relationships and still expected to look like a goddess at all times! The insta story may hide the truth well but we know the reality – that we just don’t look that good all the time and it takes effort!

This makes us feel crap, there’s far too many social media images of beautifully made up women floating around and it gets us down that we don’t look like that. Let me tell you, mostly its bullshit, however we all want to try and look the best we can, just because it makes us feel a little better. So, if we can crawl out of bed with our eyeliner already done, or brows permanently “on fleek” without having to lift a finger, then why the hell not? Our to do list is big enough already! We can get away with doing absolutely nothing and still look “naturally beautiful” to everyone around us. Got a lot’a time for that!

If that wasn’t enough reason, it cant rub off, wont smudge or end up all over your face halfway through work, or the only night out that you’ve had in months after a few to many cocktails! So long as you choose wisely, go for it! If you turn up at someones “clinic” and its smelly or dirty or just doesn’t feel comfortable, run, run like the wind and go find someone else!!