My lip tattoo!

As all my regular clients will know, I’ve been talking about doing my lips for ages!

What put me off you might ask, well I’ll tell you. Firstly I was worried about pain – after all, lips are just nerve endings  right?

Secondly, there never seemed to be ‘the right time’ to have really scabby lips and lastly, I was sort of worried about doing my own in case I bottled it half way through!

One day I woke up and decided today I was going to grow a pair and just get on with it! So I popped on some numbing cream (left on for 30 minutes is best) then when this was removed I carefully drew the lip line. Tattooing on lips is only supposed to go on your natural lip line and NEVER outside. People think that you can make lips look bigger by going outside the borders, but I can assure you they will heal really badly and you will seriously regret it. So stay within your natural lip line and you will get more defined  beautiful lips without looking like a 5 year old who nicked their mums lip liner!

Next, I selected my colour (6 drops of PermaBlend Tres Pink and 2 drops of  Queen of hearts) I got cracking!

I used a 3 liner to do three passes of the lip line, this was surprisingly completely free from discomfort, which I was pretty impressed with! Once I’d done this, I used the same needle to do little circles of colour, blended up to the lip line but a little further into the centre of the lip. When uniform colour was achieved with the liner I got the bad boy 9 Magnum out and filled the rest of the lips.

I had to do about 4 passes on the top lip as it was a bit stubborn, so this one started to feel a teeny bit stingy towards the end, but still very very bearable.

The bottom lip was 4 passes and I wouldn’t have even known I’d done anything! By pure fluke it ended up the same colour as the raspberry lip gloss I usually wear!

I’ve never been a big lippy wearer mostly because I get dry lips and it ends up cracking off unevenly. Once these have healed I should be able to just pop on some lip balm and go!

I’ll update in another post with pictures of the healing process

It’s day three today and totally surprised at how little scabbing there was. I’m really pleased with how they look, I’m just gutted I didn’t go for it sooner!